Please call us to book an appointment for any of our clinical services.

Medication Reviews

We provide a detail review and consultation of your current and new medications, covering how, why and what you use your medicine for.

Vaccinations & Injections

We provide vaccinations for a wide range of conditions.

Seasonal Flu vaccines
Public Health vaccines
COVID vaccines

Minor Ailments and Contraception

You can see a pharmacist to get assessed and treated for the following conditions:

Allergies (allergic rhinitis)
Cold sores
Fungal infections
Heartburn (acid reflux)
Indigestion (upset stomach)
Itching, including from bug bites
Menstrual pain
Mild acne
Nicotine dependence
Oral fungal infections (thrush)
Oral ulcers (canker sores)
Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
Sprains and strains
Skin rash (dermatitis)
Threadworms or pinworms
Uncomplicated urinary tract infection
Vaginal candidiasis (yeast infection)

Pharmacists can prescribe and provide many types of contraception, including the following, which are free in B.C.:

The pill
Copper intrauterine devices (IUDs)*
Hormonal IUDs*
An implant*
An injection (pharmacist can also administer)
Morning-after pill (no prescription or appointment needed)